Gas detection/Industrial

IRnova’s QWIP detectors are narrow banded and can be tailored for a specific peak wave length within the LWIR band. An example of usage is to detect leakages of the severe green house gas Sulfur Hexafluoride (SF6) used as an isolation gas in power stations and switches. IRnova has developed a detector (IRnova320ER-1055) with tailored peak response at 10.55 µm for this application. The detector is equipped with a custom cold filter in order to further enhance sensitivity and detectability and can of course also be used to detect various other gases with absorptions peaks close to that of SF6.

Movie – SF6 gas detected with IRnova320ER-1055 based camera
Movie – SF6 leakage from regulator detected with IRnova320ER-1055 based camera
Movie – Ammonia (NH3) vapour detected with IRnova320ER-1055 based camera

The inherent wavelength response tunability of the QWIP technology makes it a fairly straight forward task to match the spectral response peak to the absorption spectra of other gases as well, e.g. Freon compounds etc. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your specific needs and requirements.

The ability of IRnova QWIPs to see through specific coatings is a great advantage in certain applications. As an example, the standard QWIP is used in systems deployed for turbine blade inspection. More generally, the IRnova QWIPs are suitable for basically any application requiring really high performance LWIR detection.

IRnova’s T2SL based detector can be also used for gas detection in the MWIR band with specific filters applied. The T2SL MW IDCAs enable very compact and lightweight handheld IR cameras to be used in various industrial and R&D applications.

The (IRnova320ER-330) is a detector specially adapted for Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) detection.

Movie – VOC gas detection with IRnova320ER-330 based camera

Movie – VOC gas detection with IRnova320ER-330 detector set-up

IRnova Gas Detection Product Overview – PDF

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