IRnova’s QWIP based LWIR detectors are superior for long distance surveillance in harsh environment. The detectors provide very good image quality also in smoky and dusty environments and has very limited blooming effects, a negative attribute which can be experienced with other types of LWIR detectors. QWIPs are superior for cold climate and to avoid issues with ocean glint and snow reflections. IRnova QWIPs provides a very high operability and uniformity, both being properties having made IRnova QWIPs the obvious choice for numerous Surveillance/Security/Defence systems.

IRnova has three basic types of QWIP FPA configurations for Surveillance-type of applications (320×256, 640×480, 640×512), all of which are supplied integrated into cooled modules (DDCA/IDCA). Said modules either come equipped with with long life split Stirling coolers or compact rotary Stirling coolers. Link to LWIR data sheets

Movie – QWIP surveillance examples

IRnova’s T2SL (Type II Super Lattice) MW detectors are very suitable for hand held Surveillance applications due their crucial system advantages in terms of size, weight and power (SWaP). Extremely low dark current, hot operation, and the uniquely high uniformity associated with the T2SL technology, makes IRnova’s T2SLs detectors very competitive in terms of price and/or performance compared with other existing MWIR detector types. Link to MWIR data sheets