Career Opportunities

Support Technician for Optronics Team – Characterisation Measurements

Production processes at IRnova include test measurements and characterization of products – large image arrays and integrated modules. Characterization process employs a great deal of electronic equipment and applied programming. As support technician you will primarily support ongoing production but also actively participate in the development and deployment of new and existing measurement methods, setups, equipment and processes. The position implies a great deal of practical work in the lab. 

Competence Profile

  • Special technical education or Bachelor degree with proven practical knowledge of analogue and digital electronics and measurement equipment
  • Practical skills in applied programming (e.g. Matlab, Java, Python)
  • Basic knowledge in technical physics and mechanical design
  • High level in English (written and spoken) is requested

Personal characteristics

You enjoy working together in a team to jointly achieve the best result for the customers and the company

  • Independent and goal oriented
  • Good problem solver with analytical skills
  • Positive towards learning new things and developing the competence across the borders 

Send your application to Sergiy Smuk +46 8 793 6618


Semiconductor Process Engineers

The role of the process engineer will focus on industrializing IRnova’s existing and new products. This role will stretch from the development and industrialization of the next generation infrared photodetectors to supporting IRnova’s existing product portfolio.

Typical duties/responsibilities will include (but not limited to):

  • Actively take part in development of new products
  • Perform prototyping of new products (manufacturing to characterization)
  • Develop new processes and coordinate technology transfer to the production team
  • Perform production process analysis, to maintain, improve and industrialize production
  • Provide technical expertise and supervision to the production team
  • Effectively communicate to resolve the routine problems encounter by the production team
  • Learn and develop new technical skill and educate others in the team

Complexity of the Assignments: Tasks will require knowledge of basic scientific concepts and their expert implementation in job related technologies.

Preferred Technical Qualifications: Experience with different dry-etching tools (RIE, ICP, RIBE), plasma deposition tools, lithography (stepper experience is an advantage), electrical characterization (I-V, C-V), Measurement analysis using MATLAB or other software.

You will become part of IRnova’s highly experienced team of process engineers. The position will offer you a dynamic and challenging environment that will present numerous opportunities to discover your potential through training and development. The position requires a deep observer who looks for inefficient procedures, finds ways to rationalize them in a time bound manner and consistently strives to boost the productivity of everybody around.

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Equipment Maintenance and Service Technician for Production Support Team

IRnova is a development-intensive company that has put a lot of effort into developing new products. After several years of product development an expansion in III-V semiconductor production has begun.

The IRnova infrared detectors are produced in the Electrum laboratory cleanroom in Kista. Historically, the production is performed in equipment owned and maintained by the lab. However, for important production steps, IRnova has started investing in tools of its own. For example, a new tool for flip chip bonding, FC300, has recently been purchased and installed. The IRnova strategy is to continue investing in core Tools, hence we are now looking for a Maintenance and Service Technician.

The job will include repairing and maintaining Equipment as well as making sure that the tools work when they are needed for production. Also planning and performing installation of new Equipment in included in the work description. Additional duties include running and maintaining a metal-organic chemical vapor deposition (MOCVD) equipment which is used in the regular production. You will work closely with the other persons in the production support team.

Competence Profile

  • Technical gymnasium or equivalent professional experience
  • Hands on experience of tool maintenance and service
  • Swedish and English (written and spoken) is requested
  • Solid knowledge in electronics and vacuum technology
  • Experience with metallization and dry etch equipment
  • Computer and software skilled
  • Experience in problem solving
  • Clean room experience

  Personal characteristics

  • Work structured towards common company goals
  • Good problem solver with analytical skills
  • Independent
  • Paying attention to detail
  • Good at communication
  • Good at documentation

Send your application to Hedda Malm,


Open Applications

We are always on the lookout for new talents who can help us reaching our goals and contribute to the growth of IRnova. We are looking for flexible, problem solving and passionate team-players who are ready, willing and able to contribute their time and skills to our company. At the present we are searching for people with the following experience.

  • Semiconductor epitaxial growth
  • Process engineers in microelectronics (dry etch, plasma, thin film deposition, flip chip)
  • Equipment maintenance and service
  • Image analysis engineer

Any relevant experience of infrared cameras and/or detectors is highly meriting !!!!

For open applications please feel free to submit a personal letter and CV to