SF6 opt. QWIP: 320×256, 30 µm pixel, integral cooler

IRnova320ER-1055 IDCA

  • QWIP (Quantum Well) LWIR detector
  • Sensitivity optimization for SF6 gas detection
  • 320×256 resolution with 30 µm pixel pitch
  • 60 Hz frame rate
  • F/2 cold shield
  • Proximity electronics included

The IRnova320ER-1055 is optimized for gas detection of various gases having their absorption spectra within in a narrow band around 10.55 µm. The detector is tuned for maximum sensitivity at 10.55 µm and equipped with a custom cold filter in order to specifically target detection of SF6 gas.

IRnova320ER-1055 DATA SHEET

Movie – SF6 gas detected with IRnova320ER-1055 based camera
Movie – SF6 leakage from regulator detected with IRnova320ER-1055 based camera
Movie – Ammonia (NH3) vapour detected with IRnova320ER-1055 based camera